Reuben Foster Charged With Felony, Allegedly Ruptured Girlfriend's Eardrum After Punching Her 8-10 T

By Jason Lisk

Reuben Foster, a first-round pick for the San Francisco 49ers last year, has been formally charged with felony domestic violence for a February incident involving his girlfriend. According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney, Foster is alleged to have dragged his girlfriend by the hair, punched her 8-10 times, and thrown her from the house. She also allegedly ruptured her eardrum in the attack, and had to flee and flag down a passing motorist.

Foster is also being charged with felony possession of an assault weapon, because police discovered an illegal Sig Sauer 516 in his possession when they went to search his residence in investigating the assault.

This presents an immediate test for John Lynch as GM for the 49ers. The incident happened after the season so there was no immediate football activity (such that an immediate release versus waiting for formal charges impacted his participation), but now that we’ve seen the charges and the team activities are approaching, the 49ers have to act. The league’s domestic violence policy provides for a 6-game suspension for a first offense. We just had the Ezekiel Elliott suspension saga, where the NFL acted even in the absence of formal charges. These allegations involving Foster are serious and will involve a legal charge that could result in jail time. It’s doubtful you see Foster near a football field this fall.