Report: Random Man Wants Myles Garrett Thrown Out of NFL

Kyle Koster
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns / Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

We're all still reeling from Myles Garrett's stunning helmet-to-skull attack on Mason Rudolph last night. The next phase of the story is what type of punishment the NFL will mete out in the coming days. Everyone has an opinion. The prevailing consensus seems to be that the Cleveland Browns defensive end has played his last football game of the season. But really, your guess is as good as mine.

One voice everyone was waiting to hear from this morning on the topic has finally weighed in, per ESPN's Adam Schefter. And Random Man came in hot.

Strong stuff there. Random Man delivering big, meaty takes while on the move. Can't even be bothered to stop and explain why. Doesn't think he needs to. Believes the facts speak for themselves.

Definitely a name to keep an eye on as a prominent sports morning show looks for a new co-host.