REPORT: Four Entertainment Industry Sources Say LeBron James Is Going to the Lakers

Bobby Burack

The rumors of LeBron James taking his talents to Hollywood and joining the Lakers have been going strong for nearly a year now. Still, with no denial from LeBron, even people inside the entertainment industry are now making bold statements on the situation.

Pete Zayas From Lakers Film Room – whose credentials have been tweeted out on the main Lakers account – said on the Under the Buss Podcast, he was told by four sources LeBron James is going to be a Laker this summer:

"“I have had four different sources in the entertainment industry, none of them been basketball people … LeBron is coming [to the Lakers with Paul George] he has had to put X, Y, and Z in motion from a marketing standpoint.”"

As for people inside basketball circles, longtime NBA reporter Peter Vecsey reported before the season began, LeBron was without a doubt going to join the Lakers this summer.

ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski added last night that LeBron and George will indeed have a conversation this summer about joining the Los Angeles Lakers together:

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and it is hard to imagine any scenario where LeBron James does not give the Lakers strong consideration come July.