REPORT: Cavs' Veterans Believe First-Round Pick Collin Sexton Doesn't 'Know How to Play'


Things are not good for the Cleveland Cavaliers right now and the future is beginning to look anything but positive. Joe Vardon of The Athletic reports that there is a major divide in the locker room and it is first-round pick Collin Sexton that the veterans lack confidence in:

"“It’s becoming increasingly clear that when you hear a Cavs veteran talk about younger players not knowing their role, or knowing how to win, or what to do on the court, they mean Sexton. Throughout the organization, the line on Sexton is that he does not “know how to play.” "

While George Hill reportedly told Sexton he would teach him how to play defense, the players in the locker room don’t think he will even listen to him.

"“They still think he’s a nice kid. But they see his deficiencies, they know he’s going to be on the court, and they’re discouraged when after these losses, he doesn’t seem bothered by them."

Yikes. Everyone knew the days after LeBron James would be bad, but the start of their season has been nothing short a disaster. Having these feelings now known in the public will only make matters far worse for a 19-year-old player struggling both on the court and in the locker room.