REPORT: Bengals Letting Marvin Lewis Decide When He Wants to Stop Coaching

By Henry McKenna

The Cincinnati Bengals are giving Marvin Lewis the power to dictate the terms of his exit, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. As of now, the Bengals intend to let Lewis coach for as long as he wants.

Here’s what Schefter wrote about the situation:

"If the Denver Broncos part ways with head coach Vance Joseph, he is expected to emerge as a candidate for the Cincinnati Bengals’ defensive coordinator job and potentially even their head coaching job when Marvin Lewis decides he has had enough of coaching, a league source tells ESPN."

The fact that the Bengals are setting themselves up with a plan of succession indicates that they’re preparing for Lewis to potentially retire in the near future. On the other hand, Lewis could decide to coach for five more years. And for now, the Bengals will honor that.

Considering the Bengals’ collapse this season (and in seasons past), it’s bizarre to see Cincinnati be so accommodating to a head coach who has zero postseason wins in seven appearances over 16 seasons. It would stand to reason Lewis would be on the hot seat heading into this postseason and into next season. That’s not what it sounds like.

Somehow, the Bengals are giving Lewis all the power.