Refs Screwed Ravens With Bogus Pass Interference Call for Browns

Bobby Burack
Pass interference on Ravens vs. Browns.
Pass interference on Ravens vs. Browns. / Jason Miller/Getty Images

We're 16 weeks into the NFL season and the refs still can't get pass interference calls right. Subsequently, they are still refusing to fix the mistakes when challenged despite implementing a rule to do just that.

Early in the second quarter, the Ravens were called for a bogus pass interference penalty against the Browns on a non-catchable pass. Like the rest of us watching, John Harbaugh noticed this, and challenged it. Yet, as usual, only the NFL refs didn't see it that way.

This then led to a touchdown for the Browns, so the impact from the call and the refusal to make it right wasn't minimal like the contact was.

The NFL has had an unbelievable season. The ratings are up, the stars are in the race, new stars have emerged, and it's as wide open as it's been in recent memory. However, there is no doubt the new rule where coaches can challenge pass interference calls has undoubtedly been an ugly black eye. In this case, it a) wasn't pass interference and b) wasn't catchable. As mentioned on the broadcast, the latter of the two issues does factor into the call. But apparently, "does" doesn't mean they do.