Refs Miss Blatant Facemask Call on Scary Miles Sanders Hit During Eagles-Lions Game

Bobby Burack
Miles Sanders
Miles Sanders /

One of the most blatant facemasks ever took place during the Lions-Eagles game this afternoon. But somehow, someway, it was not called by the referees. This was as Eagles running back Miles Sanders' facemask was grabbed so aggressively, his neck turned in a grotesque way.

Yikes. That one will draw complaints.

Some calls are tough to make, we all know that. But that one, uh, that is inexcusable. And surely, as we all know, Eagles' fans will let it be known as the day is still young. As for Sanders, that was a scary moment. Necks are not supposed to be turned that way by any means. It's even tough to watch. Thankfully he was ok.

Let's hope that doesn't happen again.