Referees Missed a Texans' Delay of Game On Crucial 3rd Down Conversion

Stephen Douglas
Wild Card Round - Buffalo Bills v Houston Texans
Wild Card Round - Buffalo Bills v Houston Texans / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans beat the Buffalo Bills in overtime in the first AFC Wild Card game, 22-19. Watson made some improbable plays down the stretch, including a conversion on 3rd and 18 from his own 19-yard line early in the drive.

The only problem is, it looks like the play clock expired before the Texans snapped the ball. A penalty would have backed Houston up and had them facing 3rd and 24 from their own 13. It's possible the Bills still would have surrendered a fluky first down and made things even more embarassing, but we'll never know because officials - the ones on the field, on the sideline, in the booth, and wherever else the NFL is hiding them during playoff games - missed it. Even on replay they just checked the spot and not whether or not the ball was hiked in time.

It didn't decide the game, but it could have. It's not the reason the Bills lost, but it's another reason for fans and players to complain about the latest Buffalo postseason failure.