Redskins Seem Ready to Embrace the Case Keenum Experience

Kyle Koster

The Washington Redskins entered the preseason with a trio of quarterbacking options, all with some serious drawbacks. There was Colt McCoy, rehabbing from a broken leg last December, who was able to practice but not play in exhibition games. There was Dwayne Haskins with the huge ceiling but relative green nature. And then there was Case Keenum, who put up an incredible season to go along with a handful of very average ones.

We now have some clarity for Week 1, as coach Jay Gruden addressed McCoy’s readiness, which appears not all that ready.

“That was probably part of the issue,” Gruden added. “He probably rushed back, we probably rushed him back. So they had to go back in a little bit. That was nobody’s fault, just a fluke deal that something else happened. Hopefully we get him right. He’ll do whatever he can to get right, we’ve just got to get it right first.”

There’s nothing totally unexpected about this and, realistically, the Redskins weren’t looking to breeze to a division crown or anything. The Eagles and Cowboys are legitimate playoff contenders and the Giants, well, should present the opportunity for two victories.

If Keenum can resemble the 2017 version of himself who starred — actually stared — for the Minnesota Vikings, he could set up a controversy when McCoy returns. This, of course, would be a good problem for Washington.