Ron Rivera Took the Worst Available Job in the NFC East

Stephen Douglas
Ron Rivera smiles before a game.
Ron Rivera smiles before a game. / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Ron Rivera will reportedly be the next coach of the Washington Redskins according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. This is an absolute knockout, no-brainer hire for Washington who gets a two-time Coach of the Year, and a man who has been to Super Bowls as a coordinator and head coach. On Rivera's side of things... what the heck is he thinking?

There are three open jobs in the NFC East this offseason and Rivera took the least appealing before the other two were even officially vacant. Washington has a toxic owner, the worst roster in the division, finished in last place, and are the furthest removed from the playoffs.

The most likely answer is that Rivera will have input on the next Washington general manager. Team president Bruce Allen was relieved of general manager duties over the weekend, and officially fired on Monday. If Rivera gets to handpick his GM, then he gets personnel input without all the responsibility.

Still, being able to pick the guys Washington tries to sign isn't that great. The team just went through an embarrassing situation with Trent Williams, which will be yet another stain on the franchise's reputation. In the end, Washington must have offered a ton of money and Rivera will see every cent of it. He's been asked to captain a sunken ship. If the boat stays on the bottom of the ocean, he gets to go back to shore and count his treasure. It's not a perfect metaphor, but sometimes you just settle. Ron Rivera can confirm.