Washington Football Team Runs Their Own Version of the Annexation of Puerto Rico

Liam McKeone

It appears Thanksgiving is the day offensive coordinators save all their best trick plays for. Both the Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans brought out fancy misdirection plays with laterals and tosses galore that went for big yards in the early afternoon slate of NFL Games.

The Washington Football Team went into their own bag during the 4:30 p.m. ET divisional matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. It was also one very close to my heart, personally. As you probably figured out from the title, Washington drew inspiration from the classic youth football film The Little Giants and busted out their own version of The Annexation of Puerto Rico.

Here's where Washington OC Scott Turner got this idea from.

Shockingly, this is not the first time an NFL team has run a play borne from the minds of filmmakers trying to amuse children. The Panthers pulled it out in a manner more true to the original play eight years ago. As it so happens, this very same Scott Turner was an offensive quality control coach on this team. And, obviously, Ron Rivera was the head coach of both teams at the time they decided to run the play. He must love this movie. Finally, I have something in common with an NFL coach.

Bringing backyard football to a whole new level, baby. Absolutely love it.