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Rafael Devers Tried His Best on Errant Throw, Which is All That Matters

Liam McKeone
Rafael Devers
Rafael Devers /

The Boston Red Sox are not projected to be very good in 2021, which can be in part attributed to karmic retribution for trading away Mookie Betts because the ownership is cheap. As such, the season's focus will mostly be on individual improvement from young guns who could one day grow to be foundational pieces for long-term success.

Rafael Devers is one of those players. He has shown a lot of potential at the plate since coming up during the 2017 season. In the field is a bit of a different story. He has committed 74 errors in four years at third base and managed to commit 14 last year in only 56 games, which is not exactly the ratio the organization is looking for.

Devers can be good enough at the plate that as long as he isn't actively detrimental to winning while defending he'll be a net positive. He was unable to demonstrate that today against the Baltimore Orioles.

This is hilarious on several fronts. If Devers had not wildly dove to snag the grounder, Xander Bogaerts very likely could have turned an easy two. Instead, he did, in fact, dive wildly. Then he floated the baseball into short right.

It is borderline inexplicable that a professional baseball player could do this. I got a flashback to my own Little League days watching this. And even then I'm not sure I have any lowlights that top this one.

But you know what? Devers tried his best. He busted it to even get to the ball. He completely blew the throw afterwards, but effort is a big part of this game! Good try, good effort, Rafael.