Red Sox Fly to London in Style on Massive Luxury Jet


The Boston Red Sox will be playing the New York Yankees across the pond this weekend. Both teams flew to London yesterday to participate in a rare event: Baseball across the Atlantic.

It sure is a long way to go to play some baseball, though, especially when Boston and New York are so close geographically. The lengthy trip won’t be a problem for the Red Sox, at least. The team is heading over the ocean in a massive luxury jet that puts any idea of what a private plane should look like to shame. Check it out:

A cool half-mil for a flying house. Very nice. Usually, American sports teams fly to London in their usual private jets, which are already quite luxurious. Seems the Red Sox felt that wasn’t good enough and went all out. It’s hard to blame them, either. If you have the money, this is an extremely fun way to spend it.

It will be an interesting exhibition and experiment, no doubt; basketball and football have had some success while playing in England, but baseball has traditionally had trouble garnering the same level of interest. At the very least, no one from Boston should be complaining about jet lag. They probably have a handful of beds somewhere in there. Everyone can get their rest, and prepare to face their rivals and leaders of the A.L. East.