Red Sox Fans Turn Concourse Into Slide During Rain Delay


The Boston Red Sox hosted the New York Mets on Friday night, and the game was paused in the bottom of the fourth inning by a rain delay. As most MLB fans tend to do, Red Sox supporters had to find ways to entertain themselves during the pause. I'm sure drinking heavily was part of that, but they also got creative.

Fenway Park's concourses flooded in the rain, so one brave fan stripped off his shirt and decided to turn the concrete hallway into a modified slip and slide.

Check it out:

It's currently 67 degrees in Boston with 91 percent humidity. I'd bet that the water feels really nice right about now. That said, it's also probably disgusting since it's been pooling in stadium that's more than 100 years old.

Things have gotten a bit crazy in the rain, just look at this stairway:

The caution, wet floor sign isn't really doing a whole lot.