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Red Sox Fan Goes Full Roberto Alomar, Spits On Orioles Fan

Kyle Koster

The Boston Red Sox continued to fight for their right to party in the postseason during a trip to Baltimore this week. As that is going on an old video of a Sox supporter in Baltimore surfaced.

A few years ago, this lady found herself in quite a situation when a disagreement about seating arrangements broke out behind the third-base dugout. Things escalated as they tend to do when there's beer and fandom involved and the confrontation culminated in a Roberto Alomar situation. (Or is it a Reverse Alomar because he was playing for the Orioles at the time?) Either way, we absolutely cannot have human beings spitting on each other in a society, pandemic times or not.

Is there any clearer evidence that a person is completely out of ideas than resorting to hocking phlegm in anger? Bottom of the barrel stuff right there.

I'm continuously amazed that regular season baseball or preseason football can bring the very worst out of fans. I shouldn't be at this point, but retaining some hope for us all is the only thing that makes life tolerable.