'Real Sports' Returns Tonight With an Algonquin Roundtable of Elite Broadcasters

Kyle Koster
Courtesy HBO
Courtesy HBO /

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel can safely return to HBO right now even as actually real sports are way off in the distant horizon, barely moving closer if at all. It will grace televisions tonight. The show's bookers have really outdone themselves in lining up an overflowing cornucopia of broadcasting talent for a roundtable, including Jim Nantz, Joe Buck, and Mike Breen.

Among the thoughts included in the preview: Buck suggesting that some artificial crowd noise be pumped in, Breen envisioning the first games back will be done from a remote studio, and Nantz offering a glass-half-full theory that it will be a particularly thrilling time to be a sports fan with the calendar stuffed to the gills.

No one can see the future but in my limited conversations with those who call games, it's been really interesting to hear how they envision things look like down the road and how long it could be until it feels like normalcy. Definitely going to be some good perspective tonight at 10 p.m. if you've caught up on all your other binging and think it's too early to go to bed.