Real or Fake? Ukrainian Civilian Removes Mine With Barehands


Information coming out of Ukraine and being disseminated across social media is spotty at best. Whether that's pro-Russian or pro-Ukraine propaganda matters not. What matters is your interpretation of what's real and what's not. Just remember as you ponder such questions, all the unverifiable stories emanating from this very real and deadly war should be taken with a grain of salt.

Enter mine-moving, cigarette-smoking Ukrainian civilian, who may or may not have handled a live explosive device with a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth in the name of Ukrainian freedom.

Should this man, who reportedly picked up a live mine on a bridge and moved it to safer ground off the road, be called a hero? Or is he crazy for doing this? A little from column A, a little from column B in my estimation.

Yet, we don't know if this is real just as we don't know if Rambo puppy is real.

Where these videos originate, how old and how real they are is completely unclear. What is clear is one war is waging on the ground between Russia and Ukraine and another is waging on social media.

Expectedly, Ukraine is winning the latter. Unexpectedly, it's holding its own in the former. We'll wait for more concrete news on both before declaring a winner. For the sake of freedom and folk legend, I hope it's Ukraine on both fronts.