We Are Loving Hunter Wendelstedt, The Funny and Cool Umpire


Far too often, Major League Baseball's umpires are targeted with vitriol from miserable fans. And it's just terrible because they are doing their best and you'll all regret it if robots ever steal their jobs because soon they'll replace you as well. So it is our solemn vow to highlight great work they do whenever possible. Which brings us to the heroic effort turned in by Hunter Wendelstedt.

Tasked with working second base during this afternoon's Oakland A's-Tampa Bay Rays game, the veteran adjudicator proved he is as tough as anyone on the diamond after Manuel Margot took his legs out with a tumbling slide.

The consummate pro. A world-class entertainer. Any other nice thing you want to say about our brave boy in blue.

Not the most difficult call he's ever had to made. But one of the more memorable.