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Ray Liotta Has Never Seen 'Field of Dreams'

Kyle Koster
Ron Vesely/GettyImages

Field of Dreams is inarguably one of the greatest baseball movies ever made and anyone who wants to tell you otherwise is posturing for attention or clicks or, worse, a deeply cynical person with an icy heart. The film is so integral to my own development that it's tough to comprehend each and every time an individual reveals they've never seen it. Although, that presents a brilliant opportunity to open their eyes to the world as only Kevin Costner can. Of all the people who fall under the umbrella of uninitiated, Ray Liotta is by far the most shocking.

The actor, who played Shoeless Joe Jackson throwing with the wrong hand, has evidently never checked out his acting work. He dropped this information on this morning's Dan Patrick Show.

Which was apparently a rehash of what he said to Rich Eisen over the summer. Eisen reacted with appropriate concern.

Liotta, who said he has only seen Goodfellas twice, couldn't enjoy Field of Dreams in the moment due to some family concerns that have become tied up in the experience. He did leave the door open to a future viewing.

Though there's little chance he's a reader of this here blog, we'd love to encourage Liotta to check it out. If only to understand the magic and how his specific performance added to the tapestry.