Ravens LB Matthew Judon Should Work On His In-Game Beer Drinking Etiquette

Brian Giuffra
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Ravens are kicking ass, taking names and laughing all the way to the win column. But one thing they aren't doing well these days is swigging beer. In fact, Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon needs a lesson in stealing beer and drinking it, because during the Ravens beatdown of the Rams on Monday Night Football, he got both wrong.

I don't feel bad for this fan who lost his beer. When you're sitting in a seat that's basically on the field in Los Angeles, I'm gonna go ahead and guess you're not strapped for beer money. But for the rest of us little folk, this is downright criminal.

Beers at stadiums cost, by my last estimate, approximately $1,000 each these days. Every sip is precious, valuable nectar utilized by your malnourished body to increase tolerance to the elements (I know this was LA, but go with it). And this came when the Ravens were up 40 late in the game, so they weren't serving anymore, increasing the value of this Modelo. But Judon treated this beer like he was at a college frat party, spilling half of it on the table and then failing to actually drink a single drop of what he pretended to put in his mouth.