Lamar Jackson is Making the Punt Obsolete

Kyle Koster
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Finding the correct superlative to describe Lamar Jackson's otherworldly play is a challenge right now, so perhaps the better thing to do is just look at the numbers. Over the Ravens' last three games, the dual-threat quarterback has completed 47 of 61 passes (77 percent) and 12 touchdowns without throwing an interception. He's also added 239 yards on 25 carries over that time. Jackson is the real-life embodiment of an unstoppable video game creation right now, making opponents yearn for a rage-quit while playing out the final quarter of a blowout to maximum embarrassment.

But perhaps more important than the personal statistics is how utterly efficient the Ravens offense has been over this period. For the most astounding perspective we turn to ESPN researcher Paul Hembekides, who brought the heat.

That is insane. And part of it is due to John Harbaugh's transformation into a golden analytics god who knows going for it on fourth down tends to be more advantageous than forfeiting possession via a punt.

There's a perfect storm brewing and it's knocking down a lot of barriers once thought impenetrable. Proper caution should be exercised about the small sample size and risk of injury with a running quarterback, but one wouldn't be human if they weren't excited by it all.

Unless you're Ravens punter Sam Koch. Then you're just sort of bored.