Rate Stephen A. Smith's Pushup Form

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

Things can get weird during the dog days of the sports calendar when it comes to studio show content and today's episode of First Take exemplified that quite well. Stephen A. Smith was challenged to do 20 push-ups by Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. Molly Querim decided she wanted in on the action and did some, too. Dan Orlovsky was crowing from his virtual box all the while.

The purpose of this post is simple-- how would you rate Stephen A.'s pushup form?

For a guy doing this in a suit, Smith did pretty well. The arms are at an appropriate width. Feet tight. Where he falls short, as many do, is the actual pushup. Initially Smith makes a sincere effort to touch chest to floor but almost immediately pulls back and gets anywhere from halfway to 70 percent there. Which is fair if you've ever done pushups in formal attire, but Smith had to do it in front of a large audience and thus must face the music.

6.5/10. Plenty of room for improvement, but respectable effort from a man who clearly did not want to get sweaty at work.