Ranking Our Most Intense Television Binges

Ryan Phillips
Mad Men
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The dual cultures of streaming and binging have fundamentally changed the way humans watch television. Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in a show that the rest of your life takes a back seat? That's what we're exploring this week on the debut episode of the Best of 7 podcast.

Yes, we've got a new podcast at The Big Lead and it's all about ranking things. The show will explore everything from sports to movies, music and all aspects of pop culture. We decided to tackle our TV viewing habits in Episode 1.

Co-host Kyle Koster and I took a deep dive into the world of binge-watching. We explored how the practice has changed over the years as the world has shifted to streaming, then counted down our seven most intense binging experiences. Some of the shows involved will definitely come as a surprise.

Enjoy the episode below: