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Booger McFarland Said Randy Moss Was Dressed Like a Pimp on Monday Night Football

Stephen Douglas
Randy Moss
Randy Moss /

Kyle Kuzma was not the only person to make a bold fashion choice on Monday. For ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast in Florida, Randy Moss wore a heavy jacket and what looked like a matching Stetson. As we all know the kids at school will latch onto the tiniest thing so the MNF crew shared a laugh at Moss' fit with Booger McFarland going so far as to say Moss was dressed like a pimp.

Of course, the truth is Moss looked like a combination of Timothy Olyphant's characters in Justified and Fargo, which basically means you're dressed like Raylan Givens in Minnesota during the winter which sounds pretty damn cool. Don't worry Randy, they're just jealous.