Randy Gregory Claims Cowboys Owners Acted in 'Bad Faith' Throughout Free Agency

Randy Gregory
Randy Gregory / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Randy Gregory signed with the Denver Broncos in free agency this offseason, which was a surprise for several reasons. The biggest of those reasons is that Gregory reached an agreement to stay with the Dallas Cowboys during the negotiating period before free agency officially began. But the Cowboys tried to change the terms of the contract after reaching an agreement with Gregory, so he turned around and signed with Denver for the exact same amount of years and money the Cowboys were offering.

Gregory tweeted about the matter on Sunday afternoon, reminding his followers that their opinions do not pay his bills. Which is true!

A Cowboys fan responded to Gregory and accused the defensive end of not wanting to be held accountable. Gregory told the fan that the owners of the Cowboys acted in "bad faith" throughout free agency, which is why they haven't said anything publicly about Gregory's decision.

There is, of course, technically only one owner of the Cowboys and that is Jerry Jones. Gregory probably was referencing the Jones family as a whole because Stephen Jones is the director of player personnel and presumably has a big role in contract negotiations. Gregory is effectively accusing Dallas' top decision-makers of acting in bad faith throughout his negotiating period.

Clearly still some sour feelings here and it's probably reciprocated within the Cowboys buildings. But Gregory is a Bronco now and got his money.