I Agree With Rand Paul, Give Me Free Baseball Tickets

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Major League Baseball pulled its All-Star Game from Atlanta as a response to a new Georgia voting law critics say will restrict access for people of color. It was a somewhat surprising move as baseball has largely stayed away from controversy-courting decisions but less so upon some reflection. The league was going to be seen as making a political move by keeping the game in the state or moving it and made a choice it believes is in its best business interest.

That's led to a predictable yet no less amusing counterattack from the right side of the aisle to paint Major League Baseball as a far-left organization and accelerant for specious, opaque arguments imagining a world that very much doesn't and won't ever exist to prove a point about the current state of affairs.

Which provides the backdrop to Sen. Rand Paul's tweet this morning:

Let's forget the merits here and stick to sports. Through that lens, I very much agree. Major League Baseball should mandate free tickets to New York Yankees games. And all games. And give them to me and my friends so we can enjoy the beautiful in-person experience. Throw in some mandatory free hot dogs and free beer and oh, baby, what a delight that would be.

This is a very serious idea with very serious legs.

Is 'woke' MLB brave enough to give me and 15 of my closest friends free tickets to the game of my choosing later this summer? Time will tell.