Rams-Titans Fan Fight Ends With Two Knockouts

Ryan Phillips

The Los Angeles Rams had a rough one Sunday night, losing 28-16 at home to the Tennessee Titans. While the team struggled on the field, Rams fans in the stands at SoFi Stadium got feisty, which led to a pretty serious brawl in the stands.

In what was a vicious fight, a Rams fan managed to knock out a Titans fan and a fellow Rams fan in an Aaron Donald jersey. We have no info on what set this off, but the dude came out swinging and landed some excellent shots to the jaw, then just calmly walked away.

Check this out:

Perhaps the worst part of this video is the guy in the 47 jersey stepping right onto the KO'd Donald fan's head. That's just adding insult to a serious injury. And my man was flat out asleep. They couldn't even wake him up after.

Also, A+ on the video commentary during the video. Really enhanced this whole thing.

Just another NFL Sunday filled with atrocious fan behavior.