Rams Offering Low-Cost Season Tickets

Liam McKeone

The Los Angeles Rams were one of the best teams in football last season, and came within one win of a championship. Their fanbase isn’t quite that of a football powerhouse, though, and the Rams are only tenth in the league in average attendance per game this past year despite being one of its very best teams, and averaged nearly 6,000 empty seats at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

In their attempts to remedy that problem, they’re offering quite the bargain for the 2019-20 season. The team’s site has posted a deal: $250 for guaranteed tickets to all eight home games this year. Where you sit is determined by the team, you can get a max of four tickets, and you can’t access your tickets until 24 hours beforehand to limit re-sale.

$31 for a ticket is probably less than parking at the stadium, so this is a deal and a half, folks. Sure, you’ll probably end up in the nosebleeds more often than not, but $31 to see the best offense in football outside of Kansas City? That’s a great deal if you’re a big football fan, much less a Rams fan. Plus, you could see the teams coming to town, which include the Saints and Bears this year.

You also get access to the pre-sale of playoff tickets, presumably behind the real season-ticket holders. Not exactly a ton of competition, even for a playoff game, but it would still be great to access those NFC Divisional Round tickets at face. Excellent value right here, folks.