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Russian Broadcasters Deeply Enjoyed Creative Two-Point Conversion Play in Packers-Rams

Liam McKeone
Cam Akers walks it in
Cam Akers walks it in / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The NFL playoffs are here, which means (among many other things) that the games will be commentated on by a variety of nationalities. Today, I bring you the unbridled joy of the Russian broadcast of the Green Bay Packers-Los Angeles Rams NFC divisional round matchup.

The Rams marched down the field late in the third to secure a much-needed touchdown courtesy of a beastly Cam Akers run. They then ran a two-point conversion to lessen the Packers' lead to 25-18. It was not your normal two-point conversion, though. Sean McVay went deep into his bag, as the kids say, scheming Jared Goff to throw a screen to a receiver who then lateraled to Akers. Akers strolled in untouched. It was great.

Th Russian announcers agreed.

Playoff football, baby!