Rams Want $500 Million More From NFL For SoFi Stadium

Ryan Phillips
Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke at team's game against the Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke at team's game against the Seattle Seahawks / Steve Dykes/Getty Images

SoFi Stadium wound up being far more expensive than Stan Kroenke and the Los Angeles Rams projected. Things have gotten so bad that the Rams have requested as much as $500 million in additional financing from the NFL, according to The Athletic. That would increase the amount the club has borrowed from the NFL for the stadium to $900 million.

The stadium was was initially projected to cost $2.2 billion when it was approved by NFL owners back in 2016. Reports now have the total cost at somewhere between $5 billion and $6 billion, which is insane. It's also worth noting the Rams have asked for the ability to pay the new funding back over 30 years as opposed to 15.

The Rams and Chargers have sold far fewer PSLs than they projected and that obviously makes the need for money more urgent. Those PSLs were expected to help offset any potential cost overruns. The Chargers in particular have brought in far less money than initially projected due to the lack of fan response to their move to Los Angeles. Three years in they're still struggling to find fans in an indifferent market.

With fans unlikely to be in the stands when the NFL kicks off this fall, the need for financial help is far more urgent. The Rams don't appear to be in great financial shape right now as a result of all these factors.

Frankly, the NFL probably has to accept this. The league has gone all-in on its Los Angeles project. It crowbarred two teams into the market with the promise of an amazing facility as well. It can't back out now.