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Rams LB Kenny Young Ejected After Hitting Official's Hat

Liam McKeone
Kenny Young
Kenny Young / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts were hanging with the Los Angeles Rams in the third quarter of this week's matchup when they got a lucky break. Indy was in the red zone when they drew a penalty against the Rams, resulting in the ejection of Rams LB Kenny Young.

Officials announced Young was ejected for contact with an official. It seems Young hit an official's hat while expressing frustration for getting called for a penalty. Here's what caused Young's ejection.

It was a bit of a mess of a play. The Colts got flagged for taunting after the fact, and Aaron Donald grabbed Young to explain in what I have to assume are terse words about how badly he just screwed up.

Shortly thereafter, the Colts would score a touchdown and convert on the two-point try to shrink the Rams' lead to three. Costly mistake by Young, and he won't be around to try and fix it.