Rams-49ers Attendance Was Over 70,000, That Should Quiet That Silly Empty NFL Stadium Narrative


As predicted, the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers
played a thrilling Thursday night football game. A nation with
extremely high expectations for the quality of play was not let down as
these two must-see teams delivered. Rams-Niners is as good as it gets.
Always has been, always will be.

Perhaps that’s why Levi’s Stadium was packed to the gills with over
70,000 fanatics. That’s right, over 70,000! Want to make something of

The attendance figure doesn’t lie.

Pay no attention to those biased empty stadium photos you may have seen on social media.

Pay no attention to the professional photographer who accidentally
captured a teeming section of Niners fans on the opening drive.

One has to think people like Ryan Phillips and others who propagate the idea that fans aren’t attending football games feel pretty silly when a box score reveals an attendance figure larger than the stadium’s capacity.

The Niners’ attendance is just fine. And consistent. What are the
odds that San Francisco would draw the same amount of very real and
engaged fans in both Week 3 and Week 1?

Feelings aren’t facts. It may feel as though there weren’t many human
beings at Levi’s Stadium last night, but the empirical data shows

Everything is A-OK. Don’t believe the rumors.