Ramon Laureano Dropped an F-Bomb Live on ESPN During In-Game Interview

Ryan Phillips
Ramon Laureano, San Francisco Giants v Oakland Athletics
Ramon Laureano, San Francisco Giants v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics are in a winner-take-all elimination game against the Chicago White Sox, so naturally ESPN decided to mic up a player for an in-game interview. It was as disastrous as you are imagining.

A's center fielder Ramon Laureano was picked for the interview and roughly 30 seconds into it he had already dropped an F-bomb. Check it out:

For those who didn't catch that, Laureano said, "Damn, he can f***ing run" as Eloy Jimenez cruised into second base with a double.

If that wasn't enough, Laureano wound up having the first three balls hit to him while the ESPN crew was asking him inane questions. It was awful.

This is the kind of stuff ESPN should scrap for the postseason. During a day game in the middle of August? Sure, interview guys on the field during the game. But in the postseason with the intensity ratcheted up to 11? Nah.

This was obviously a bad decision and it should be removed from future postseason broadcasts. Interview guys who are in the dugout, not on the field.