Ralphie V, Colorado's Buffalo Mascot Forced Into Retirement Because She's Too Fast

Stephen Douglas
Arizona v Colorado
Arizona v Colorado / Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

A rough season just got rougher for the Colorado football team. The Buffaloes are 4-6 on the season and now their mascot is being forced into early retirement. It seems that Ralphie V is having trouble with consistency. Via CUBuffs.com:

"With past Ralphies, as they aged, their speed typically decreased; with Ralphie V, she has been so excited to run that she was actually running too fast, which created safety concerns for her and her handlers. She also wasn't consistently responding to cues from her handlers, and her temperament was such that she was held back from leading the team out for CU's last two home games against USC and Stanford."

Colorado lost to Trojans, so Ralphie was right to have a bad feeling about the USC game, but the Buffaloes snapped a five-game skid with a win over Stanford. Obviously, she lost her touch.

According to the story, Ralphie V will continue to live on a ranch and make public appearances until her replacement, Ralphie VI, takes over in 2020. Ralphie V is not the first college mascot to get put on the shelf this season. Last month Oklahoma benched the Sooner Schooner after a crash. Also, the Syracuse Orange was reportedly cut up into small pieces and served to a youth soccer team after a game. [Citation needed]