Rajai Davis and Joe West Shared MLB's Most Awkward Moment Ever

Stephen Douglas

Rajai Davis entered Sunday’s Mets, Phillies game in the 8th inning to pinch run for Todd Frazier. Davis tried to score on a fielder’s choice and got tagged out at home. The play at the plate was routine, but what happened next will live on as a meme(s) forever.

Davis tried avoid the tag and ended up taking out home plate umpire Joe West in the slowest way possible. West just kind of … gave up on standing. He ended up kneeling over Davis with his forearms on his back. And he didn’t try to get up.

Meanwhile, Davis was just crouched there, waiting, wondering what was happening.

Eventually, West was helped up by Hector Neris. It’s not unreasonable to assume that if Neris hadn’t shown up that West and Davis would still be down there.