How Can the NFL Allow the Raiders Linemen to Play on Sunday?

Stephen Douglas
Trent Brown and the Las Vegas Raiders.
Trent Brown and the Las Vegas Raiders. / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders sent right tackle Trent Brown home earlier this week after he tested positive for coronavirus. His fellow offensive linemen were also sent home. Now it sounds like Brown was breaking protocols and the linemen were hanging out together, without masks.

Some might call this bad news. First of all, the Raiders have already been fined a few hundred thousand dollars this season for breaking protocols and this sounds like it might deserving of another fine. Second, how can the NFL possibly let these guys play on Sunday?

If they mess this up, they're looking at another Titans situation. And worse, they're putting potentially contagious players out there against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Eventually, they're going to play a game where there was exposure followed by negative tests and it's going to jump teams.

The problem is, the Raiders are coming off their bye week. There is nowhere to move their game without adding that extra week, which they obviously do not want to do. They better be very thorough or very lucky if they let this offensive line play on Sunday.