Rafael Nadal Shares Heartwarming Moment With Australian Open Ballgirl After Hitting Her With an Errant Shot

Stephen Douglas
2020 Australian Open - Day 4
2020 Australian Open - Day 4 / TPN/Getty Images

Rafael Nadal defeated Federico Delbonis (6-3, 7-6, 6-1) in the second round of the Australian Open. During the third set, Nadal hit a ballgirl in the face with an errant return. The two briefly stopped the match so Nadal could check on the girl who shook it off and finished her shift like a professional. For her troubles she shared an incredible moment with one of the best players ever.

Nadal talked about the shot after the match and the crowd ate it up. Especially when the interviewer told him not to worry about his wife and he said "after 15 years she probably doesn't care much."