Rachel Bonnetta Sums Up Crazy NFL Offseason in Song

Kyle Koster

A lot of wild NFL stuff happens every day now. That's just the current state of play. The least original people on your timeline are busy reminding you that the NFL is king as if there is anyone debating the other side. The more creative minds, like Rachel Bonnetta, will turn to song in an attempt to catch the masses up on all the moving and shaking that's transformed the football landscape these past few months.

Crazy Offseason is the rare jam that unites those who love transactions and those who listened exclusively to the Juno soundtrack in their car during commutes 15 years ago. The type of people who always got the latest She & Him album and played it into oblivion.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Good Morning Football is a unicorn. No morning show is more creative, takes more risks, or tries more things. And they do it on NFL Network, which is not exactly the first thing one thinks about when they think of fun. While also providing enough valuable insight to be welcomed into team facilities alongside morning coffee.