R.I.P. To Mike Francesa's App

Kyle Koster

Mike Francesa’s Mike’s On app has been purchased by Entercom and and all his streaming content will be moved to Radio.com beginning next month, the legendary broadcaster announced this morning. In a bit of tremendous news for those souls out there paying $8.99 a month for his exclusive takes, it’ll all be free now. Gratis. Open access. Complimentary.


It’s unclear how many Francesa diehards there were out there paying for the app. Last November, he said there were over 1,000 people shelling out $98.99 a year. The price was a source of great merriment and jocularity online because people just don’t appreciate quality craftsmanship anymore.

“Mike Francesa is a legend, and we are beyond thrilled to bring more Mike to Radio.com,” said J.D. Crowley, the chief digital officer of parent company Entercom. “Mike has some of the most loyal, engaged fans in all of sports, thanks to his unique ability to build a broad audience with must-listen, highly compelling audio content, always calling it like it is.”

Honestly, it’s great to think of all the furniture delivery people transversing parts of Long Island and Paramus-adjacent areas this morning delighting in a suddenly fatter wallet without the sacrifice of turning their beloved Mike back. Not all news is bad.