Queen Elizabeth and President Bush Attend a Baseball Game: This Day in Sports History

Brian Giuffra
Queen Elizabeth and Barbara Bush.
Queen Elizabeth and Barbara Bush. / Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

When President George H.W. Bush took Queen Elizabeth out to the ball game on this day in 1991, the Queen proved well ahead of her time. Just check out the gloves she's wearing. And the social distancing from the players. That's just smart baseball, I mean monarching, right there.

It was May 15, 1991. Fashion was at an all-time high. Swirly reds and white squares ruled the day. The Orioles played the Athletics. A crowd of 32,596 cheered for Queen Elizabeth when she trotted out of the dugout. Along with her husband Prince Philip, Barbara Bush, and President Bush, she shook hands with the members of both teams in the Orioles dugout. Her black glove ensured no germs or tobacco juice or steroid remnants were exchanged. Good call. Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire were on that A's team.

It was a matchup of the defending World Series champs against the soon-to-be World Series champs. The Queen "watched intently" and Prince Phillip used binoculars for a closer look. Both were clearly enraptured. Like most Americans, the Queen didn't stay until the last out. Gotta beat the traffic. The A's won 6-3.

It's hard to imagine the Queen of England attending a baseball game today. First off, she's 94. Second, there's no baseball. Third, the NFL now rules the world. No way she'd attend an Orioles game over a Ravens game. Not with Lamar Jackson's ability to entertain.

In the future, perhaps Kate Middleton will come to America and throw out the first pitch to a game. Those would be brighter days indeed. Though she ought to wear gloves. Never can be too careful these days.