Put Michael Jordan Versus LeBron James on the Ballot in the 2024 Election

Stephen Douglas
LeBron James
LeBron James / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

LeBron James and Michael Jordan should be on the ballot in 2024. As American votes for the next next president, Americans should be asked to finally, as a group, make the most important decision: Who is the GOAT?

By the time election night '24 rolls around, we should have a more complete picture of James' legacy. Over the next four years he could really build on an already legendary career, and presumably put the issue to bed. Not that I expect a landslide. That would be silly to expect. Some people will never waver in their support of Jordan, but I say we let America decide. Once and for all.

Look, I know some people won't take it seriously. The people of Miami will probably write in Tyler Herro and some very misguided souls will try to get Kobe on the ballot, but a line on every paper asking people to vote for the best basketball player ever should go a long way to finally determining what Twitter, talk shows and barber shops have disagreed on forever.

King James and Jumpman signs on every lawn would be a nice change of pace. Newspapers could endorse candidates. Debates shows could have actual debates. Imagine Max Kellerman zooming in maps to show voting patterns of the Detroit and Boston suburbs.

Most importantly, it would settle it once and for all. Sure, it would leave a huge hole in the programming the end of the night we know who we have to treat as the best player of all-time. Or maybe the next morning. OK, Thursday at noon. At some point we'll know and no one will ever be able to say anything again.