VIDEO: Purdue's Backup QB Attempted to Punt, It Did Not Go Well

By Geoff Magliocchetti

Saturday has proven to supposed skill players across the nation that they should probably leave the kicking to the specialists.

After Oklahoma cornerback Parnell Motley was tossed from the Sooners' tilt in Kansas State for kicking an opponent, Purdue reserve quarterback Danny Carollo found himself on the wrong end of an equally egregious orthopedic calamity. With rain and a 17-0 deficit marring his Boilermakers' hosting of Illinois, Carollo barely got a toe on the ball, as sputtered further on after minimal contact.

Miraculously, the ball somehow traveled 15 yards, but it wasn't enough to stifle Illini momentum. The opponent was forced into a three-and-out, but a Purdue fumble on the next possession led to more Illinois points to make the proceedings even more sour.

Carollo, a walk-on junior, has been known to occasionally take on punting duties, especially when it comes to pooch kick situations. He hadn't booted one since Purdue's opening weekend loss to Nevada in the last week in August.

Illinois leads Purdue 24-0 on the early stages on the fourth quarter.