Puppy Bowl Ratings Soar Through Ruff

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Last night was a sleepless one for so many sports media types who tossed and turned in their beds, unable to drift off to dreamland on the comfort of knowing what type of rating Super Bowl LV pulled in for CBS. The predictably small figure was finally released today, and people are still coming to grips with the sub-100 million mark. It's in times like these where it's so important to keep an eye on loved ones and neighbors alike to ensure they don't wander aimlessly out into the wilderness as their mooring to society becomes a bit more untethered.

And it's in times like these we should lean into good news, especially in the ratings department. Thankfully, Sports Business Journal's John Ourand is johnny-on-the-spot with some feel-good material as it relates to Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl.

More than three-quarters of a million people also tuned into the Puppy Game pregame show, a spectacular paw, er, feat in any year, let alone a pandemic one.

Two point one million human viewers converts to nearly 15 million in dog viewers. That's just so many good boys and girls who definitely deserve a treat.

This is yet another example of why the idea that ratings fall as a result of kneeling just doesn't hold any water. I happened to catch the action and several of the canines were laying all the way down on the turf. It's unclear what type of statement they were trying to make but it was a powerful image.