Pulling an Eli? Josh Rosen Reportedly Doesn't Want the Browns to Draft Him

By Tully Corcoran

If this report from Adam Schefter is correct, Josh Rosen is pulling an Eli Manning.

In 2004, Manning famously let it be known he definitely absolutely did not want to be drafted by the San Diego Chargers, who originally had the No. 1 overall pick. The Chargers complied with Manning’s insistence they not draft him, and the Giants took him instead.

Rosen isn’t being as demonstrative as Manning was in 2004. While Manning said he flat-out wouldn’t play for the Chargers if they drafted him. Rosen so far has taken a more passive route.

Privately, Rosen has expressed concern about winding up in Cleveland and would rather be with a more stable franchise, such as the Giants.

Rosen plans to sit down with his parents after the Cactus Bowl for a “serious conversation” before making a final decision about whether to turn pro. Whether Cleveland has the No. 1 overall pick could influence his decision, according to a source.

All in all, Rosen’s position on this is more defensible than Manning’s was. For one thing, the Chargers of that era were bad, but they’d had some recent success and have generally been a stable franchise. The Browns are 0-14 and chew up quarterbacks like sunflower seeds.