Providence - South Dakota State Game Ends With Controversial Foul Call


The Providence Friars beat the South Dakota State Jackrabbits, 66-57, in the first round of the Midwest Regional on Thursday afternoon. Providence had a three point lead and the ball with less than a minute left. As the shot clock wound down, Jared Bynum shot a three-pointer. The shot missed, but a foul was called on Douglas Wilson who tried to block the shot. Bynum was awarded three free throw attempts. The call effectively ended SDSU's season. The question is, was it the right call?

As was immediately pointed out on the broadcast, it looked like Bynum kicked his leg out to draw the foul. Many online agreed.

However, if you ignore the awkward landing - Bynum pretty clearly stuck his right leg out - Wilson pretty clearly made contact with Bynum's upper body, which was not sticking out.

To this unbiased observer (I picked SDSU, but haven't won a pool in 20 years so I promise I'll live with the result), it looked like they both did something illegal. Bynum stuck his leg out and Wilson also would have fouled him if he hadn't done anything out of the ordinary.

Does that make it right? Can you even call a double-foul there? All that really matters is that you can't un-bust a bracket.