Probably the Greatest Catch in Division III Football History

Tip, Kick, then Catch
Tip, Kick, then Catch / Knox College Athletics

Ilir Emini is a 5-foot-9 senior wide receiver for Division III’s Knox College Prairie Fire*. Over the weekend, Emini made one of the craziest catches you’ll ever see. Sophomore quarterback Matt McCaffery threw the ball up to Emini on a play-action pass. The ball was underthrown, and Emini (probably?) accidentally kicked the ball up in the air and somehow caught it while lying on the field. The result of the play was about a 37-yard gain.

* Prairie Fire? Turns out Knox College’s former mascot was the “Old Siwash,” a derogatory term used for the Chinook Indians. They changed the name in 1993. Nineteen-Ninety-Three. (Someone complained all the way back in 1992.) And they ended up with an awesome, original name. Amazing how quickly and effectively something like that can be righted.