It's Probably Not Just About Mike Gundy's T-Shirt

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

What started as a sleepy little Monday for the Oklahoma State football program has rapidly shifted to uncertain ground with star running back Chuba Hubbard threatening not to participate in team activities after a picture of coach Mike Gundy wearing an One America News T-shirt surfaced. Gundy has previously let his fondness for the right-wing outlet be known. It's just now he's displaying that affinity through sartorial selection.

Side note: imagine the steps involved with seeking out some OAN threads. There are so many proactive tasks, including confirming the checkout. What a scene to imagine. One wonders if Gundy logged on from his office in the team's facilities. One wonders what amazing headlines he's ingested while waiting for practice to begin or reviewing Kansas State tape.

Teammates have been rushing to Hubbard's side and pledging their support in whatever this is. A rebellion? An earnest airing of frustrations online? It's tough to tell at this point. While Gundy's shirt is at the center of coverage because it's tangible, allow me to humbly suggest that it's probably not the only factor at play here. Something changed for the star running back, as if he were soaked in kerosene and the image of a mulleted man in fringe website letters was the match.

But here he is, a man on fire.

So just speculating here. Maybe it's not really about the shirt. The same way it wasn't really about Dabo Swinney's shirt, which, really, shouldn't have risen to anything above an eyebrow raise. To see Hubbard come out of the shadows and to life so publicly -- and to see former players rush to add their voices -- suggests something's been stirring for a long time.

Anyway. While the three letters on Gundy's chest speak volumes, they likely don't convey even a sliver of the whole story. We can look for a more detailed picture and narrative to emerge in drips and drabs.