Pro Football HOF Won't Let Junior Seau Family Speak At His Induction

By Ty Duffy

Junior Seau committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest at age 43. A study of his brain revealed him to have been suffering from CTE, almost undoubtedly brought on repeated hits to the head during his 20-year NFL career.

Seau will be inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. According to the New York Times, his family won’t be allowed to speak at the ceremony.

From his daughter, Sydney:

“It’s frustrating because the induction is for my father and for the other players, but then to not be able to speak, it’s painful,” Sydney said. “I just want to give the speech he would have given. It wasn’t going to be about this mess. My speech was solely about him.”

Not letting family members speak for deceased inductees has been a policy in recent years. The stated reason is to not have redundant speeches after the video and to keep the ceremony moving in a timely fashion. That seems…incredibly callous.

We all know HOF policies are sacrosanct.