Pro Football Focus Ranks Patriots as Best Roster in NFL

Liam McKeone

This year, ESPN used Pro Football Focus metrics and released a rankings of all the rosters in the league, ranked strongest to weakest. Using PFF to rank teams isn’t a flawless exercise, but they’re still very good, and take into account the statistics you knew about and all the ones you’ve never heard of.

So while it isn’t a bottom-line, end-all deal, what their measures say about a team’s roster is worth considering. This year, ESPN released their top ten rankings based on PFF stats, while the rest are hidden behind the ESPN+ paywall.

The Patriots ranking at the top is a bit of a surprise, given none of their offseason additions offset their biggest loss, the retirement of Rob Gronkowski. Still, doubt the Patriots at your own risk is a lesson everyone has learned at least once over the last 20 years.

The rest of the rankings aren’t filled with too many twists. The Vikings ranking ninth is unexpected given their record last season, but on paper, they do have a strong group of guys, especially at receiver.

We should be seeing most of these teams deep into the postseason. Football can’t come soon enough.