NFL Will Experiment With New Anti-Kickoff Rule in the Pro Bowl

Stephen Douglas
Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens / Will Newton/Getty Images

The NFL Pro Bowl is largely pointless exercise, showcasing a bunch of football players trying their hardest not to get hurt. It is, however, sometimes used to test out innovations. This year they'll be using a new rule that could eliminate kickoffs from the game forever.

So after scoring, the team can either give the ball to their opponent on their 25, or take the ball, 4th and 15, from their own 25. The league has been experimenting with rule changes to make kickoffs safer over the last few years and this would completely remove one of the most dangerous plays in the game.

While this would erase the rare kick return touchdown (there were seven this season), it would give teams a better chance at launching a comeback. Teams convert about 12.5% of 4th and 15 plays. As of November, teams had only recovered 6% of onside kicks under the latest rules changes.

Better yet, this change would eliminate the super annoying scoring play -> commercial -> kickoff -> commercial sequence. This seems like a no-brainer.